Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Root CanalCould your tooth be sending you signals that you need a root canal? It's not always easy to tell if a twinge of pain is a sign of a serious problem. Our Lawrenceville, GA, dentist at Gwinnett Denture Center evaluates and diagnoses dental conditions and performs appropriate treatments, including root canals.

These things may happen if you need a root canal

Root canal symptoms often begin as subtle changes in teeth, such as:

  • Occasional Pain: A root canal is required if your tooth pulp becomes infected or inflamed. When the infection or inflammation first starts, the pain may be mild and may even seem to come and go. If you don't pay attention to the warning signs, the problem will worsen, and pain may become more frequent or severe. Root canals end your pain by removing your infected or inflamed pulp and replacing it with a durable filling.
  • Worsening Pain with Meals: Meal time can be anything but a pleasant experience if you need a root canal. Every bite you take increases the pressure on your teeth, sending sharp jolts of pain through your mouth. Pain can also worsen if your meal includes hot or cold beverages or foods. Your painful symptoms may linger as long as a half-hour if you drink ice water or enjoy a piping hot piece of pizza.
  • Noticeable Changes: A swollen, red gum or a sudden darkening of your tooth may occur as a result of an issue with your pulp. Both of these changes indicate are indications of serious problems and shouldn't be ignored.

Other changes, such as those caused by dental abscesses, can be impossible to overlook. Abscesses are bacterial infections that develop in your pulp. In addition to being very painful, a dental abscess can put your health at risk.

Abscesses can cause severe pain, fever, swollen lymph nodes, facial swelling around your jaw, a small pimple on your gum near the tooth or a collection of pus around your tooth. If you notice any of these symptoms, call your Lawrenceville dentist immediately.

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